Sunday, January 3, 2010

Horizontal and Vertical

A couple more shots from New Year's morning shoot at Everglades National Park.

I absolutely love creating images like these. Unfortunately years of photo marketing experience has taught me that there is not much sales potential for these in the world of publishing. Fine art prints? Perhaps, but we don't deal in that realm much.

Whatever. Sometimes it feels absolutely wonderful shooting creatively instead of constantly being concerned about "what sells". Nevertheless, I did learn a long time ago to work a subject both horizontally and vertically, always forcing myself to recompose in the viewfinder before walking away.

So even if shooting these for enjoyment, I'm no fool. I cover my arse and compose several verticals as well.

Covers photo sales pay more.

Canon 100mm macro lens, ISO 100, exposure 1/200 at 6.3.

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